Creativity is the driving force behind realizing a unique and personal design.

Creating sustainability by producing future-proof products.

The diversity of our team and our customer base ensures a rich source of insights and perspectives.

Using high-quality materials is the foundation for consistent excellence at DØR.

Service is central at DØR, we invest in good, long-term relationships with our customers.

Het team

Manfred Driessen


Manfred is our passionate founder with a vision for the future.

Dalal Taghaout

Head of Marketing & Organization

Dalal is our head of marketing and organization, harmonizing creativity and strategy for impactful results.

Juliën Poelen

Technical Foreman

Juliën is our detail-driven technical foreman, who turns precision into progress.

Daan Driessen

Operational Manager

Daan is our operational manager, ensuring seamless business operations.

Kasper Mulder

Chief of Assembly

Kasper is our skilled assembly chief with an eye for detail.

Dennis van der Meulen

Production Chief

Dennis is our dedicated production chief with a strong commitment to perfection.